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The Graduate School of Economics at Osaka University features a systematic curriculum that allows students to choose from the two disciplines of economics and business administration. Following the tradition of practical learning, emphasis is placed on quantitative methods (statistical analysis and information processing) to promote empirical education and research. Courses are offered in small classes, one of the school's most attractive features.

The Graduate School of Economics offers two major programs: Economics and Management. The Economics Program features the study of modern economic systems in which creativity and logic are important foundations. The Management Program emphasizes corporate management based on a scientific and pragmatic approach.

The Graduate School of Economics at Osaka University demonstrates academic excellence by publishing relevant findings from around the world. The school’s Institute of Social and Economic Research edits one of the world's most authoritative economic journals, International Economic Review, in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania. Papers are screened by anonymous referees who maintain stringent standards; subsequently, published articles are academically significant. Osaka University is the only university in Japan that edits such an internationally recognized academic journal in the field of economics.

Furthermore, many of the faculty members in the Graduate School of Economics serve on the editorial boards of leading journals throughout the world. Additionally, they are actively engaged in joint research with foreign-based economists and the hosting of international economic conferences. More than 20 world-renowned scholars and researchers are invited to attend a conference sponsored annually by the School of Economics at Osaka University.

Osaka University leads all Japanese universities for papers and notes accepted in Japanese Economic Review, a journal issued by the Japan Economic Association (largest economics organization in Japan). Third-party evaluators screen for this journal, as with International Economic Review, and the papers accepted represent world-class quality.

In Western countries, graduate-level education is offered commonly at prestigious universities (i.e., “research universities”). Osaka University regards itself as one of the best research universities in Japan; it offers an ideal academic environment in which students can interact with top-level researchers who undertake significant窶俳ften groundbreaking窶排esearch.

The Graduate School has introduced an up-to-date computer system with highly integrated information processing rooms and a finance laboratory equipped with excellent software and a large-scale database connected with Gigabit networking. All computer facilities in the Graduate School offer 24-hour online services that are accessible globally. The Graduate School of Economics provides large-scale databases of economic/financial data, individual business firm data, survey data, and data on a global scale for exclusive use by students and faculty for their research studies, theses, and statistical analyses.

The Graduate School operates in an environment conducive to internationalization of students. In the disciplines of economics and business administration, acquiring a cosmopolitan outlook is indispensable in response to economic globalization. Osaka University has promoted the employment of foreign instructors and Japanese staff with international backgrounds to lecture in foreign languages. We have close ties with about 20 overseas universities that participate in academic exchange programs. A number of international students from various countries including Australia, the U.S., Israel, China, and South Korea are enrolled at any given time in the Graduate School of Economics. The international Student Office was established in 1994 to deal with academic and living concerns. Currently, approximately 100 foreign students are enrolled as undergraduate economics majors; enrollment is about the same for the Graduate School of Economics.

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