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The Graduate School of Economics at Osaka University is one of Japan’s best graduate schools for economics, management, and business disciplines. Currently, the school has nearly 50 faculty members—leading economists and business scholars from all over the world.

Osaka University, founded as the Imperial University of Osaka in 1931, established its first economics educational and research organization in 1948; it originated as the Department of Economics within the School of Laws and Letters and later became the School of Economics in 1953. Since its establishment, the School of Economics has had a strong commitment to human resources, and we have made aggressive efforts to recruit faculty members with distinguished credentials. Furthermore, we do our best to minimize the impact of academic cliques that sometimes exist among academic professionals. Because we need the most qualified individuals to compete with our counterparts around the world, we extend every effort to assist our faculty members in growing further as top-notch scholars. Since the foundation of the school, we have followed human resources principles and strict performance-based assessments for our entire faculty; therefore, we currently enjoy a reputation as one of the leading educational and research universities in Japan and throughout the world. We are proud of our group of renowned scholars that anyone in academia would envy. It is already apparent that such an outstanding faculty places us ahead of the competition.

Historically, our faculty was aware of the need to build modern economic theories in the midst of postwar confusion. Under such circumstances, in 1954, we founded a research institute known as the Laboratory of Social and Economic Research and attached it to the School of Economics after the latter became an independent entity. In 1966, the research institute became the Institute of Social and Economic Research; it has since boasted a brilliant record of achievements as a research organization with a focus on research and graduate school education. The Graduate School of Economics and the Institute of Social and Economic Research work side by side, yet each with distinctive strengths, to run our graduate program. In 1994, the Osaka School of International Public Policy was set up as an independent graduate school with the goal of further developing research and education in the fields of law and politics by removing the conventional and narrow research boundaries that preclude active interdisciplinary research engagements. Students at this school can earn up to 10 credits for courses offered by its faculty.

Although it is true that we owe our status to the current faculty and graduate students, we do not deny that today’s success would not have been possible without the academic achievements and contributions of our predecessors. Many of our predecessors are world-renowned scholars, including Michio Morishima (recipient of the Order of Culture and Chairman/Fellow of the Econometric Society), Takuma Yasui (recipient of the Order of Culture and Chairman of the Association of Economics and Econometric Society), Yasuma Takata (Cultural Contributor), Mataji Miyamoto (member of The Japan Academy, laureate of the Imperial Award of The Japan Academy, Cultural Contributor, and Chairman of the Business History Society of Japan), Hisao Kumagai (member of The Japan Academy and Chairman of the Japanese Economic Association), Fukukane Nikaido (Fellow of the Econometric Society and Chairman of the Japanese Economic Association), Michio Hatanaka (Fellow of the Econometric Society and Chairman of the Japanese Economic Association), Ken-ichi Inada (Fellow of the Econometric Society and Chairman of the Japanese Economic Association), Masahiro Tatemoto (Chairman of the Japanese Economic Association), Yoichi Shinkai (Cultural Contributor and Chairman of the Japanese Economic Association), and Chikashi Moriguchi (Fellow of the Econometric Society and Chairman of the Japanese Economic Association).

Our graduate school enjoys acclaim from overseas institutions owing to our faculty members who are actively involved in leading research projects with international scholars and research organizations. Our faculty members receive invitations from overseas universities and travel extensively to attend international conferences to present their latest research outcomes and achievements. In addition, it should be noted that our graduate school invites a number of overseas researchers in the hope that our students can benefit from engaging with these guests. Some of the overseas guests who have come to our school include renowned economists and Nobel Prize laureates such as J. Robinson, A. H. Hansen, F. Machlup, L. R. Klein, R. F. Harrod, M. Friedman, J. R. Hicks, and A. Sen. This tradition of academic excellence has been passed on to today’s proud faculty and graduate student body.

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