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The Graduate School of Economics at Osaka University is known for academic excellence; its latest findings are published throughout the world. The school's Institute of Social and Economic Research edits one of the world's most authoritative economic journals, International Economic Review, in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania. Anonymous referees screen papers according to stringent standards, resulting in the publication of papers of academic significance. Osaka University is the only Japanese university that edits an internationally recognized academic journal of this caliber.

Furthermore, many of the faculty members in the Graduate School of Economics serve on the editorial boards of leading journals around the world. Additionally, they are engaged actively in joint research with foreign-based economists and the hosting of international economic conferences. More than 20 world-renowned scholars and researchers are invited to attend this annual conference sponsored by the School of Economics at Osaka University.

Osaka University is the leading Japanese university for papers and notes accepted in Japanese Economic Review, a journal issued by the Japan Economic Association, the largest economics organization in Japan. As with the International Economic Review, third-party evaluators serve as screeners, and the papers that are accepted are considered to be of the highest quality on a global scale.

In western countries, graduate-level education is offered regularly at prestigious universities (i.e., “research universities”). Osaka University claims to be one of the best research universities in Japan, and it provides an ideal academic environment in which students can interact with top-level researchers who undertake significant and often groundbreaking research.

The Graduate School of Economics features a systematic curriculum that allows students to choose from the two disciplines of economics and business administration. Following the traditional techniques for practical learning, emphasis is placed on quantitative methods, such as statistical analysis and information processing, to promote empirical education and research. Courses are offered in small classes, one of the school's most attractive features.

The Graduate School of Economics offers two major programs: Economics and Management. The Economics Program features the study of modern economics, for which creativity and logic are foundational. The Management Program employs a scientific approach toward corporate management in an effort to develop essential business knowledge and practices. Students in this program also engage in the MOT course as part of a joint program with the Graduate School of Engineering.

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