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The School of Economics at Osaka University was founded in 1948. At that time, “Marxian Economics” was mainstream in Japan. However, Osaka University has placed modern economics at the core of its education and research program since its beginnings. The School of Economics has been striving to establish a unique approach to economics though an open exchange with society by actively recruiting young, spirited scholars from all over the world. It has achieved such a number of cutting-edge achievements that it has come to be known as the place of origin of modern economics in Japan. With the demise of the socialist bloc, modern economics has become the economics of today.

The School of Economics at Osaka University features a systematic curriculum that allows students to choose from the two disciplines of economics and business administration. Following traditional practical learning techniques, emphasis is placed on quantitative methods such as statistical analysis and information processing to promote empirical education and research. Courses are offered in small classes, one of the school's most attractive features.

The School of Economics at Osaka University offers rich academic resources that are unique among undergraduate economics schools. The school combines a liberal arts education with its foundation in core concepts of economics and business administration. Students in the four-year undergraduate program benefit from widely integrated courses in anticipation of earning the Bachelor of Science in Economics degree.

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