Comments from Students/Alumni

I am an exchange student from Australia studying at the Graduate School of Economics of Osaka University. After graduating with a Masters in Business Administration, I chose to continue on to the PhD course at Osaka University, majoring in finance.


I chose to undertake my graduate studies at Osaka University because I felt that the high quality courses offered and the highly knowledgeable and reputable teaching staff would be a good stimulus for my research. Osaka University is one of the best universities in Japan, and in particular, the Faculty of Economics has a very good reputation.

The professors are specialists in their field, which shows through in the quality of the lectures and academic advice. Living in a foreign country can be difficult at times, especially until your fluency in the local language increases, however I have found the staff and teachers to be understanding and very willing to help out with problems. I am enjoying my time in Japan and at Osaka University.

From the beginning of my studies at Osaka University, my ultimate goal has been to graduate with a PhD and become a lecturer in Finance at a university in Japan. After graduating, I hope to work as a lecturer and continue doing research in the field of finance, while passing on the knowledge I have gained from my studies to other students.