Comments from Students/Alumni

I’m Malaysian and graduated from Graduate School of Osaka University in March 2010. I am currently working as a corporate banker at Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ in Malaysia. Every morning around 9:00am, 「Today’s market rate for TTS of USD/MYR @3.XXX TTB@3.XXX, TTS rate for JPY/MYR is started @0.03XX, TTB is@0.03XX. Recently currency of MYR is be strengthened together with other Asian currencies, JPY is weakened. If your customer is trade importer, it is good time to inform your clients to buy JPY……」which is reported by Treasurer. Once obtain those related information, I’m the front line to inform customers and sometime assist customers to mitigate the risk of foreign exchange rate by promoting derivative product. Besides that, my main tasks include providing informative banking services and products to Japanese Client in Malaysia.


I find a lot of enthusiasm in my current job a­nd feel very proud of myself to have this career which was my ambition since from year 2004 in university. I appreciate that having abroad experience in Japan and completed my master course in Osaka University even though the life of that time was very tough for me. Living in Japan was an excellent way to challenge myself and grow as an individual.

Remember that, one of my challenging was to enter Graduate School of Osaka University. The reasons that I choose Osaka University are they’re well-known among Japan, their attractive course in the Center for Study of Finance and Insurance (CSFI) and their career supporting system. Of course, living in Osaka was one of my main reasons as well which able to experience the Kansai culture, test Kansai foods, know Kansai people and also visit the beautiful places there.

Well, hard work pays off. As long as we seriously to learn everything, it will be successful. The life in Osaka University was the turning point in my life. My core subjects were Financial Economics, Portfolio Optimization, Corporate Analysis, etc. And my studied thesis title was 「The Black-Litterman model on Portfolio Optimization」. Besides of learning the theoretical and having research activities in school, I had been given the opportunity to participate internship at Asset Management segment of Mitsubishi UFJ Trust & Banking and Sumitomo Insurance. From internship, I realized that there is a lot of mismatch between the theory and the actual practice in reality. The course in Osaka University provides us an academic program which is well balanced between both society and institutional aspects in designing, developing financial systems & products, correct understanding of the economic meanings &role. To who hope to acquire a wide knowledge in area financial industry, the course in CSFI is a very worthwhile experience for you.