Comments from Students/Alumni

My name is Pham Thi Hoang Anh, from Vietnam. Time has flown as fast as I completed my 3-year PhD program at the graduate school of economics, Osaka University. Three years were not short and not too long but it was a very impressive time that I never forgot in my life. I experienced mixed feelings of home sick and happy, fail and success during period of studying in the university.

After achieving the master in international banking and finance with distinction from the University of Birmingham, I continued to be a lecturer of international finance at the Banking Academy of Vietnam (a leading university specialized in banking in Vietnam). Due to requirements of my job, I decided to take a PhD program in economics, and ultimately chose the graduate school of economics, Osaka University.

I chose Osaka University because it is one of leading universities in Japan as well as in the world, especially in economics.

I chose Osaka University because my Professor Takagi Shinji is a very famous Professor of international finance.

I chose Osaka University and Japan because it is very beautiful country, Japanese people is friendly, kind, courage, and patient.

Studying economics at Osaka University was a very “intelligent” decision to me. Valuable help, encouragement, and guidance from my Professor, and other Professors were a constant source of inspiration to my research that immensely improved the quality of PhD thesis. Besides, I also received useful advices on administrative procedures related to study from Mr. Taniguchi, Ms. Nishida (Kyomu officers), advices on social issues from Ms. Kanazawa (an international advisor). Moreover, I had a Japanese Mamasan appointed by the Osaka University. She and her family always welcomed and helped me a lot during time in Japan. They all were very kind and helpful so that I could overcome obstacles and difficulties in my student’s life.

The Osaka University often organized social and cultural events for students, especially for international students such as Machikane sai, university festival, international food festival, and year-end party. In these events, we could deeply understand Japanese culture and society. We could share and enjoy special cultures from different countries in the world. They were sweet memories that I have never forgotten in my life.

During the PhD program, I not only accumulated professional knowledge in economics, but also learned Japanese characteristics such as serious and patient about the work, kind and friendly in the social life. In March 2012, I backed to the position of lecturer of international finance at the Banking Academy of Vietnam. Besides, I cooperate with the State Bank of Vietnam (the central bank) and the leading business and finance channel in Vietnam as an expert in exchange rate, monetary policy. I hope that with professional knowledge gained from the graduate school of economics, Osaka University, I will significantly contribute to the development of the Vietnamese economy in general, and of the Banking Academy of Vietnam in particular.