Comments from Students/Alumni

My name is Ren Chao. My English name is Charles. I am from China and studied in Japan for seven years. Initially I enrolled in a Japanese language school. I then pursued my bachelor degree at Kansai University and finally my master degree at Osaka University. It was such an amazing experience. I find the experience in Osaka especially eventful and unforgettable; especially the last two years of my life in Osaka University.


Osaka University is ranked top three in Japan and is known worldwide. With strong background and long history for teaching experience, it allured me.

I would like to applaud Mr.Toshi KOBAYASHI. He is the best professor in Organization Theory, Business Strategy, and Business Model area. I have gained so much wisdom from his teachings. He is inspirational and focused. I salute his dedication and sincerity.

I chose Business Strategy course in Osaka University. My master thesis was De-maturation. It is based on product lifecycle management. More importantly, in the product lifecycle management diagram, it talks about after the mature period, applying new innovation to product itself or come out with new marketing strategy, produce the product to avoid from being declined during a certain period. Besides, I also studied Human resource management, marketing strategy and other lectures related to my course area.

My entire student life ended at Osaka University. I am proud, happy and lucky to be offered a job at SHARP Corporation right after graduation. Through hard work and good effort, I did a good job in Japan. To sum up, I just want to thank Osaka University. It has helped shaped my life and given me a brighter future.

Thank you, Osaka University.