Comments from Students/Alumni

I entered the Osaka University graduate school economics graduate course in 2007, and started studying economics. There are many reasons for having chosen Osaka University. First, Osaka University is a university with long history. The second, many excellent professors not only have gathered, but in Osaka University, it is preparing the latest equipment. Since equipment and environment required for research have gathered, it is easy to concentrate on research. Studying at such a university was my dream.


The dream in which I entered in Osaka University suited at last I studied hard. Many difficulties were also carried out when having begun to enter in Osaka University. It is hard to life while studying abroad in person. However, since professors and seniors touched kindly, the trouble of homesickness and research was solved immediately and became easy. Although there was a problem which cannot be solved in large numbers during research, the professor and the senior prepared the corner which answers a question, and always explained in detail to the question. The trouble on a life was also ridden and asked to consultation and it still became a partner. By favor, results became better and better and also obtained the scholarship next year. The obtained scholarship reduced the burden of the life, and also the devotion was completed in research.

I studied abroad for eight years in Japan. Two years in Osaka University were very pleasant. While it is on the register in Osaka University, It does not necessarily simply inquire every day and was able to participate many school events and seminar training camp. In an annual year-end party, usually, what cannot be eaten can eat free. While eating to the professors and seniors who were indebted. Carrying out traditional pounding steamed rice of Japan, It is one of the events which participate energetically every year. The pleasure of seminar training camp was also deeply impressive. It not only offers the place which can announce its result of research, but it is a golden chance to also get the indication and advice about the result of research. Moreover, we can also eat delicious food, doing the sightseeing in Japan, since it stays together in other districts. I was living study and a life in Japan in many places, such as Osaka, Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Fukui, Okayama, Shiga, Kyoto, Shizuoka, Hakone, Tokyo, and Nara… The Japanese are polite and kind heartfelt in their hearts. Before coming to Japan, it worried fairly that there were probably many places which get used to neither a life nor food, but if it actually comes to Japan and lives and sees, it will be easy to pass more than it considered. Speed Japan to improve thanks in part, made many Japanese friends and also rose steadily.

I am doing my best hard as a member of society now. Even now utilizes knowledge acquired at school. When the knowledge studied in school could not be used for work at all, it had considered before. However, when it is working by actually going into society, economics is manufacture, circulation, IT industry…etc. It was surprised that a maker and IT industry can also use economics very well not to mention a bank or a securities firm. For example, in the IT industry, because unless you can use economic techniques such as supply chain management and manage data only to the server maintenance, data-based supply and demand calculations also be. College choice is deeply related in your future now. What would you like to study at what kind of university, and after considering earnestly liking to become what kind of member of society after graduation etc., I really consider that it is better to choose a university. And once it decides a target, it is important to do one's best as hard as possible toward the target.