Comments from Students/Alumni

I first came to Japan as part of a fully funded scholarship program (MEXT) four years ago. My immediate impression of Osaka University as an undergraduate student has to do with the strong international atmosphere within the campus. Here I have had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with people of various cultural and educational background, and to establish a diverse personal network of positive and experienced individuals.


During my third year I decided to further expand my knowledge of corporate finance and accounting, and transferred onto a Bachelor's/Master's combined program, which offers students the opportunity to graduate early, while obtaining both degrees. I chose Osaka University's Graduate School of Economics, because of the long history of academic excellence of the teaching staff, both on a local, as well as on an international level. The department provides access to top level facilities and financial information for research purposes, while the courses are structured so that students can develop an in-depth understanding of economic fundamentals, combined with practical skills in statistics and data mining.

My current research topic focuses on the financial market implications of managerial discretion, and the study could prove to be beneficial to investors and regulators, by facilitating the evaluation of firm-specific risk.

After graduating I plan to excel in the financial services sector, and specialize in asset management, where hopefully I will be able to apply the knowledge I have obtained whilst in university.