Message from the Dean

Dean of Graduate School /
School of Economics

SASAKI, Masaru

The word “economy” comes from the classical Chinese book keiseisaimin and means “governing a nation and providing relief for its people.” This reminds us that knowledge of economics contributes to improving the living standards and welfare of societies. We are involved in research and teaching based on the philosophy of keiseisaimin. In the modern age, in which mysterious infectious diseases have emerged, conflict and war worldwide are seemingly endless, and natural catastrophes occur suddenly, learning economics by embracing the spirits of keiseisaimin is increasingly important. Professional economists provide valuable insights into social issues such as economic inequality, poverty, and global warming. We also use knowledge of economics to analyze issues on sports and entertainment.

The Graduate School of Economics/School of Economics has consistently produced advanced and up-to-date world-class research, and we are proud to be a leader in economics research in Japan. We have produced research in new areas, such as behavioral economics, which focuses on the irrationality of people. In addition, we have faculty members not only in the field of economics but also in fields such as marketing, management science, and management strategy, as well as economic and business history, which view economics and management from a historical perspective. We offer unique disciplines that are exclusive to our graduate and undergraduate schools, such as Shikakeology. Our cutting-edge and diverse economics-related research is published in world-class academic journals and books. Moreover, our faculty members have received various awards, including the Nikkei Economic Book Award.

The Graduate School of Economics/School of Economics is constantly developing cutting-edge knowledge in economics, business, and management. We sincerely look forward to welcoming students who share our passion for solving social issues using the tools of economics.

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