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Study Abroad and Exchange at GSE, OU


Students who are currently enrolled at an institution with which the Graduate School of Economics, Osaka University has a valid exchange agreement are eligible. Exchange students from selected institutions will be admitted to take classes for one semester (2 terms) or two semesters (4 terms) at Osaka University without paying additional tuition fees. Nomination and application should be made through the office handling international exchange at one’s home university.

Academic Calendar

Spring Semester (Spring and Fall Terms):April 1- September 30

Class Registration : by Mid April
Final Examination : Early to Mid August
Grade Release: Early September

Fall Semester (Fall & Winter Terms) :October 1 – March 31

Class Registration : by Mid October
Final Examination : End of January to Mid February
Grade Release: Early March

Fact Sheet

Application Procedures

How to Apply

Application must be submitted electronically via email from the exchange office of your home university to the International Exchange Office. For each individual student, all the necessary documents should be combined into a single PDF file, with the documents appearing in the order as shown on the Document Checklist. Applications will NOT be accepted in hard copy.

STEP 1Home University Nominates

Your home university must nominate students online.

STEP 2Applicant/Student Fills in the Form and Collects Necessary Documents

The applicant/student has to collect all the necessary documents including the application form, official academic transcript, copy of applicant’s passport page, and bank statement and submit them to one’s home institution.

STEP 3Home University Submits to International Exchange Office, GSE, OU

Your home university will save all the documents into one PDF per student and submit it to

STEP 4GSE, OU Issues a Letter of Acceptance

GSE, OU will assess your application. If you are successful, we will issue a letter of acceptance and send it to you and your home university by email. The average time frame to process applications is one to two months.

STEP 5Applicant/Student Applies for COE

The applicant/student needs to apply for COE (Certificate of Eligibility for Status of Residence) online. We will provide you with the details later once we formally accept you as an exchange student.

STEP 6Applicant/Student Applies for Student VISA

The applicant/student needs to apply for a student VISA at the Japanese Embassy or Consulate with your COE which will be sent to you 6-8 weeks after you complete the web application.

STEP 7Applicant/Student Prepares for Arrival

Once your student visa has been approved, you should finalize your travel arrangements. Please be noted that you cannot obtain a student Visa after you enter Japan as a tourist.

STEP 8Applicant/Student Arrives in Osaka and Attends Orientation

Orientation date will be informed by email.

Necessary Documents

For documents that are neither written in English nor Japanese, please attach an official translation with the translator’s name, contact detail and signature.

  1. Incoming Exchange Student Application Form
  2. Official Academic Transcript from Home University
  3. Copy of Applicant’s Passport (the page(s) with applicant’s name, nationality, date of birth and photo)
  4. Bank Statement (in English)

It must be signed by a bank official within 2 months of your application showing that you have a minimum of USD 5,000 for one semester (6 months)/USD 10,000 for two semesters (12 months) to cover your living expenses. If the account holder is your guarantor, please ask him /her to sign on the statement. Copy of Scholarship or fellowship award letter, a government authorized letter of support are also acceptable.

Application Deadlines

Fall semester only (October start) or Full Year: April 30
Spring Semester only (April start): October 30

Practical Information

Academic Information

Under the guidance of Japanese Immigration Bureau, international students are advised to take at least 7 classes a week. We will let you know how to enroll into courses before semester starts. Exchange students will enroll into courses after they have arrived in Japan.
A large number of classes are offered in English at OU. There are however various restrictions on who is able to enroll in those classes and such information is handled by each school. Therefore, international exchange students are requested to investigate enrolling in such classes after arriving in Japan.


Osaka University operates several dormitories facilities, however, as we have a limited number of residential facilities, we may need to ask our exchange students coming to Osaka University under the departmental agreement to look for private housing on their own. Osaka University’s Support Office for International Students and Scholars provides general housing information, search methods and the application process. You will be in charge of collecting and choosing housing information, negotiating with a real estate company and signing a contract on your own.

Health Insurance

All students attending Osaka University are required to participate in three insurance plans arranged by Osaka University, which includes National Health Insurance (NHI), Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research (PAS) and Comprehensive Insurance from Student Life coupled with PAS. The cost is reasonable and will be the responsibility of the students. Also, please note that it is the students’ own responsibility to obtain overseas travelers’ insurance in order to cover personal risk.

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