Fields of Specialization and Courses

The following table shows the fields of specialization that our graduate school provides in giving basic and practical education in response to social needs.

Departments Courses Research Areas
Economics Economics Course
Applied Economics Course
Institutional Analysis
Business Case Studies
Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Econometrics,
Economic History, Business History, Public Finance,
Public Economics, Finance,
Labor Economics, Development Economics,
International Trade, International Economics,
History of Economic Doctrine, Regional and Urban Economics,
Industrial Organization, Mathematical Economics,
Japanese Economic History, Economic History of Modern Japan,
Global Business History,
Western (European) Economic and Social History ,
Western (European) Business History etc.
Research Course
Operations Research, Investment Theory,
Corporate Finance, Financial Engineering,
Statistical Analysis, Applied Statistics,
Marketing Science, Management Information System,
Business Models, Strategic Financial Reporting,
Business Analysis and Valuation etc.
Business Course Accounting, Finance, Operations Research,
Management Science, Business Strategy,
Marketing, Management Control,
Knowledge and Information Management,
Human Resources Management,
Technological Knowledge Management,
Management of Organization, Design Topics in Technology,
International Management, Management of Innovation,
Management Accounting,
Urban and Regional Development in Asia etc.


The following degrees will be awarded upon completion of each field and course.

Economics Business and Management
Master of Economics or Master of Applied Economics
Doctor of Philosophy in Economics or Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Economics
Master of Business Administration or Master of Economics
Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration or Doctor of Philosophy in Economics

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